Why Shall We Urge African Youngsters To Consider A Career in Tech?

In 2016, two young Nigerians studied the Nigerian financial system and saw a big lapse. There wasn’t an easy way to make online transactions with their mobile phones, and the platforms available weren’t tailor made for African businesses to thrive. So, they set on a journey to help solve a problem and make African businesses […]

How To Become A Web Designer?

Web Designer

This article is extracted from the interview with Katie Rogers, the managing director and web designer at Kreativity Marketing Ltd. The interview was conducted as part of our series “Career Path with Yekola Academy”. Katie is providing tips and insights on how to become a web designer and she is also discussing the different skills […]

What Is HTML5 And Why Does It Matter?

Yekola Academy

Whether you’re browsing a sleek app for a famous fashion brand, or a local musician’s website, they all have one thing in common: if you dig deep, you’ll probably find HTML5 at work in the background.