Adobe Illustrator CC : Advanced Creative Design Course

Yekola Academy

This Adobe Illustrator course is designed to teach you all the advanced techniques for graphic design, logo design, and illustration. In this course you’ll learn: ✅ About the capabilities of Adobe Illustrator ✅ The various tools in Adobe Illustrator ✅ How to use tools to create logos ✅ How to create a website layout ✅ […]

CSS Fundamentals: Learn Cascading Style Sheets to Make Stunning Web Pages

Cascading Style Sheets, most commonly known as CSS, is the code that styles your web content. CSS is used to describe the presentation of web pages, including colours, layouts, and fonts. It is used to define styles for design, layout and variations in display for different devices and screen sizes. This is, therefore, an essential […]

HTML5 Fundamentals

HTML is one of the building blocks of the web, it is used to structure your website as well as its content. This language is used by 74% of websites on the World Wide Web, and therefore, cannot be avoided and must be mastered by anyone wanting to become a web developer or a webmaster. […]