How To Develop Your YouTube Channel Strategy For Maximum Impact

YouTube can be a powerful tool, whether you are a small business trying to market your products or services online or want to create a following online around an interest or passion of yours. It is the second most-visited website and second most-used social platform in the world. It is used by 74% of adults […]

Nail your Content Marketing by Developing a Strategy that Works

Yekola Academy

If you are a bit familiar with the world of digital marketing, you probably have heard the catchy phrase “content is king”. Well, this is no exaggeration. In fact, when you decide to take your business online to communicate your brand message to your target audience, the main communication tactic you’ll be using is content […]

Instagram Growth Accelerator

Have you been experimenting with how to use Instagram to grow your business for a while? Wondering what’s the best way to get more followers, build trust with your audience and convert more buyers?  Well…we have good news for you! You are at the right place, my friend! This Instagram Growth Accelerator course is perfect […]

Developing your High-Value Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

In this course you’ll learn how to break through the noise by developing an intelligent content marketing strategy, which will engage and convert your audience with high-value content that is of interest to them. However, before diving into developing your killer content marketing strategy, we’ll take you through the process of developing your ideal customer […]

Marketing on Instagram

Instagram reached 1 BILLION monthly active users and continues to grow daily. It has the attention of a global audience and with the right strategy, your brand message can get right in front of your ideal customer avatar. At its core, Instagram is a mobile-based platform built to encourage the sharing of quality images and […]

Marketing on Facebook

In this course, you’ll learn how to confidently market your business on Facebook, using the platform to achieve amazing results! From creating your first business page to understanding how to create content, schedule posts and boost them, this course is ideal for complete Facebook Business beginners and more advanced users alike. So, whether you’ve been […]

Community Management Fundamentals

In the course, we’ll explore the key aspects of Community Management. The aim of this course is to provide you with Community Management best practices so that you can engage your community, and respond to queries and brand mentions effectively. Take this course at Yekola Academy today to foster interaction and engagement on social media, […]